IBAN calculator

This is a utility to create an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) from your bank's (national) identifier and your account number with this bank. It can also be used to verify the validity of a given IBAN.

Note: Only the bank servicing an account can provide the correct International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of that account and the related Bank Identifier Code (BIC). If you use an incorrect IBAN in your cross-border payment instructions, you risk making payment to the wrong account or incurring a delay in payment and higher processing fees.

Although this utility should be compliant to ISO 13616: 1997, "International Bank Account Number (IBAN)", the author assumes no liability whatsoever concerning any consequences from its use!

Your bank's ISO 3166-1 country code:
Your bank's domestic identification code: (see note below)
Your account number with this bank:
Your IBAN:

Note: For some countries (e.g., Gibraltar, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, the UK), parts of the SWIFT code (usually the first 4 alphanumeric digits) are used as a prefix to or as a substitute for the domestic identification code. This is a complex issue beyond the scope of this site; see SWIFT for more details.
For Italy, the Domestic Identification Code has to be prefixed with the alphabetical check digit from the national account number structure.
For Switzerland, the 3 to 5 digit national bank/branch code is padded with zeros to 5 digits (247 becomes 00247).
The account number usually has to be padded, e.g. zero-padded to 10 digits for Germany, zero-padded to 11 digits for Austria, etc. This is now partially implemented and might be extended in a forthcoming update of the IBAN calculater, if time allows.
If the national representation contains a check digit (e.g., Denmark and Estonia), it is here assumed to be given at the end of the account number.

If you think you found an error in our IBAN calculator, please report it!

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